Sexual Health

Sexual Health Program

Health is an integral part of the well-being of the LGBTI community. The Single Step Foundation is developing its HIV and Sexual Health Program with care for our community and all its members. It aims to support all those who need help and information related to sexual communication and HIV.

In the future, our team will expand the range of our services so that we can increase their overall number and reach more people across the country. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Momchil Baev

Sexual Health Program Manager

Momchil has more than 8 years of experience in the field of health as a public health expert, activist and practitioner including HIV/AIDS. He has been devoted to research, patients' access and quality of care...

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Support Group for People Living with HIV

We are launching a psychotherapeutic support group for people living with HIV at the beginning of May 2019. The group will provide support and will help its members adapt to living with a chronic disease, such as HIV, and the resulting effects. The group will be led by a group psychotherapist with vast experience in the field of HIV – Teodora Milotinova, whose professional life is closely intertwined with people living with HIV in Bulgaria. Read more!

Free Confidential HIV Home Test

The group of men who have sex with men (MSM), including gay men, are the most affected by the HIV community in Bulgaria, as shown by data in recent years. Our Health Program was launched with HIV prevention and treatment counseling as well as counseling for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Central for it was Bulgaria's first campaign to disburse Home HIV tests - #endHIVbg.


Another major activity of the Program is to counsel people at high risk of HIV infection, as well as HIV positive people throughout the country, who seek emotional support and guidance on how to deal with the healthcare system to begin treatment.

In this section of the site you can find detailed information about HIV / AIDS and other STIs, where you can test yourself and what to do if the result is positive. You can also read up-to-date information on what is happening around HIV treatment and prevention, as well as audiovisual articles on the topic.