My Story: The Volunteer

Here Single Step's volunteers will share what motivated them to join our cause, their personal stories and what it means for them to be able to help

My Story: The Volunteer VI

For me every single chat is a small victory, one step forward. Every “Thank you, you helped me a lot” is proof that what we are doing is worth it.

My Story: The Volunteer V

This is the reason why I believe that there is a huge unwritten, unreached and unsearched need for Single Step – thanks to that I can try to help and protect other people...

My Story: The US Volunteers (video)

For a month a beautiful group of five young and enthusiastic US university students were helping us at Single Step, during their study trip to Bulgaria.

My Story: The Volunteer IV

I realize how lucky I have been. Lucky to have parents that understand and accept me, or at least try, colleagues that appreciate the work that I do, and friends that support me and are happy with and for me.

My Story: The Volunteer III

You are not playing roles and you are not giving edifying judgments. You are just there, aware and listening. Namely silence and time are what sometimes guides you.

My Story: The Volunteer II

I have been volunteering for more than 12 years. I can become a volunteer as long as I find the cause important and meaningful, and one I can contribute to it.