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VentureOUT offers comprehensive, specific and practical resources to both corporations and LGBTI people in Bulgaria. venture


noun, a daring journey or undertaking.
verb, to undertake a daring journey or course of action.

Konstantin Kunev

Manager VentureOUT

Konstantin is a Human Resources professional with 10 years of experience in IT and BPO organizations. His focus is on Learning & Development on an organizational level and talent development...

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For LGBTI People

VentureOUT offers a two-pronged solution to long-term integration of LGBTI people at the workplace. On one hand, a bottom-up approach, that works directly with LGBTI job seekers on career development, seeking and preparation for a new job and training on the essential skills for job seekers. 

For Companies

On the other hand, through our top-down approach we are working with corporate partners and clients on creating or improving their Diversity & Inclusion programs as well as rating the existing D&I efforts in our annual LGBTI D&I Index.