VentureOUT for LGBTI People

In continuation of our mission to provide specific resources to empower LGBTI people in Bulgaria, we developed a career center for young LGBTI people who are just starting their careers. VentureOUT will help you answer many of the questions which may trouble young LGBTI people in Bulgaria, such as: How do I launch my career? Who is the right employer for me? How do I do my best at an interview?

We offer free consultations, direction, and advice at the start of your career: how to prepare a CV and a cover letter, what to expect from your professional life, how to choose an LGBTI-friendly employer and how to prepare for the final part of that journey – the interview. Soon we will be offering more information about specific employers, labor law, training and even help with direct placement with companies, long-stаnding partners of Single Step.

In a few short months we have had 33 unique users (a total of 72 consultations), of whom 17 people have found a job and 8 have continued their education, thanks to VentureOUT.

Start and grow your career with us. We have always valued your personal space and privacy and we will continue to uphold these standards with VentureOUT.

You can sign up for a free consultation, in person or online, using the calendar below. Our services are free and are for young people over 18.

Konstantin Kunev

Manager VentureOUT

Konstantin is a Human Resources professional with 10 years of experience in IT and BPO organizations. His focus is on Learning & Development on an organizational level and talent development with individuals...

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