The study on the quality of life of trans and non-binary people in Bulgaria has started

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The online questionnaire, with which the Single Step Foundation conducts a quantitative study of the quality of life of trans and non-binary people in Bulgaria, focusing on their access to the labor market and medical services, is now open. https://forms.gle/JLptHxXzrQckpXaA7

It includes questions related to the labor market in Bulgaria, access to medical services (both related to the transition and not) and how all these factors affect the quality of life. We hope the survey will help raise awareness about the health, medical care and well-being of trans and non-binary people in Bulgaria and will help society in general understand the significant obstacles that most of them face.

As the survey this aims to collect data about the experience of trans and non-binary people in Bulgaria, it is important for us if only they fill it in. That is why it starts with the question of whether the participant identifies as "trans" or "binary" and whether they live in Bulgaria. If a "no" answer is chosen, the survey concludes.

The questions in the survey are based on existing international surveys on the experiences of trans people. The questions are consulted with a focus group, composed of trans activists, advocates, human resources professionals, medical professionals and other stakeholders.

The study was developed by the Single Step Foundation as part of the CoAct research project. The data will be used for research and advocacy in front of various industries, organizations and services. It’s completely anonymous and will be used in full in aggregated form, so it is not possible to be linked to specific individuals.