Single Step Foundation participates in the trainings of the “Exemplary Schools” programme of the “Teach for Bulgaria” foundation

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In August, at the invitation of “Teach for Bulgaria” foundation, Neli Tsvetkova and Vasilena Dimitrova from Single Step foundation took part in the training of school teams, part of the “Exemplary Schools” programme, held in Tryavna.

The trainings gave us the valuable opportunity to meet participants from different parts of Bulgaria and talk about fostering a community and inclusive environment that empowers and motivates young people to develop and tackle the challenges they face.

We would like to thank the team of Teach for Bulgaria foundation for the invitation and the opportunity to talk about the achievements of Single Step and our social enterprise The Steps in providing comprehensive support to LGBTI people in the country. We would also like to thank all the participants who shared their professional experience and showed high motivation to make the learning process safe and inclusive for all students.