Training on “Professional criteria and guidelines for support of young people with different sexual orientation and gender identity” in Pernik

“Open Closeness – The Life of the LGBTQ+ Community in Ukraine (2017-)” by Lana Janowska.
An application by two Bulgarian women for a registered partnership is being heard in a Bulgarian court

On the 8th June we visited Pernik to facilitate our free training for social workers "Professional criteria and guidelines for supporting young people with different sexual orientation and gender identity" in front of the team of P.U.L.S. Foundation.

We were joined by professionals from different fields of social work working at the P.U.L.S. Foundation. The training offered detailed guidelines for supporting LGBTI youth and their families. Despite the narrow circle of the attendees, we had a meaningful discussion about the specifics of working with LGBTI people.

We are grateful for the expertise of Anna Zhukivskaya, psychologist and coordinator of our Psychological Support program, and for the hospitality of our hosts from the P.U.L.S. Foundation.