The S.U.P.E.R. project – part of the big winners in the first edition of Digital Indie Lab

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Kristian Varbanovski is the next winner of the first edition of Digital Indie Lab

Dilyana Stoyanova, Stanislav Petrov and Simeon Alexander are the next finalists in the first Digital Indie Lab, who won a scholarship of BGN 1,000 for the realization of their project - "S.U.P.E.R."

For their project, they share:

"The abbreviation of the project" SUPER "consists of the first letters of the most common types of discrimination in Bulgaria: sexuality," disability "(preferably" people with different opportunities ”), gender, ethnicity, religion.

This is a show with a competitive nature, in which six participants will go through various matches on discriminatory topics, until one wins the cash prize of BGN 1,000. The funds are intended for a cause chosen by the winner or for a person in need, an organization for the protection of human rights, etc.

We started with a small idea for a podcast with an anti-discrimination character in which to select the really important information, and we came to the construction of a visualized show in five parts, in which the participants themselves could reach it. "

The S.U.P.E.R project impressed us because it draws attention to social problems that young people in Bulgaria need to be aware of and communicate.

If you want to be in their place, join the second edition of Digital Inide Lab and win BGN 2,000. Read more here


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