The Team of Single Step For The Homophobic Manifestations in Plovdiv

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The Team of Single Step For The Homophobic Manifestations in Plovdiv

On September 27, 2020, in Plovdiv, in a public park, a group of teenagers, who had been organizing online for days, harassed physical representatives of the LGBT community. They shot them with eggs, made provocations and threats until the police arrived on the scene.

Unfortunately, such an organized manifestation of aggression does not surprise us, but only shows why it is so important to talk about hatred, extremism, and radicalization against the different, especially at school. The photos and videos that are being shared on social networks literally show children who probably don't even understand who and why they hate.

We strongly condemn any such activities and will continue to work to educate young people on topics such as hate speech and bullying at school.

Anyone in our community who has been physically or mentally abused during these events (and beyond) can seek psychological support from our online chat, which runs daily from 8 p.m. until 23:00. Completely anonymous and free. We have already managed to support the people who contacted us on this occasion. We are here!

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