Single Step – Member of WPATH.org

Training on “Professional criteria and guidelines for support of young people with different sexual orientation and gender identity” in Burgas
GenerationArt: Yasen Nedelchev

Since its inception, Single Step has not betrayed its consistency in the psychological, legal and health support of trans people of all ages.

In order to be able to provide adequate and professional help, we have strictly followed the standards of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health \ WPATH.org for working with people of different gender identities and their families.

We are proud to announce that a few days ago Anna Zhukivskaya, coordinator of the program for psychological support at Single Step, was officially accepted as a full member of this global professional community, which builds on many years of experience in forming and developing good practices in psychological, health and legal support for trans people.

"Our membership in this association not only gives access to the latest scientific publications and training in the field of medical, health and psychological aspects in improving the quality of life of trans people, but also ensures contact with other professionals in the guild, as well as exchange This is extremely valuable for us as an organization and for me personally as a therapist who actively works with trans people individually, in pairs and with the whole family. "