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We present you Sevda Semer: An Artist

Sevda Semer is a Bulgarian contemporary artist. Born Sofia, 1990. Graduated the National High School of Ancient Languages and Cultures. Participated in exhibitions and projects in Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, Spain, England. After a two year stay in London, now based back in Sofia.

In her own words, Sevda creates with “paint, words and sound”. We can describe her as an author, photographer and illustrator. Some of her exhibitions are: Figures, 2019 - an exhibition in two parts, Credo Bonum, Contemporary Space; One perfect day, 2018, +359 Gallery, Sofia; Domus Aurea, 2017, a performance with Voyn de Voyn, Aether. She was nominated for the contemporary art award BAZA 2019.

"At home, we had the usual for the early 90’s Bulgaria rich library of Russian and German albums and biographies of artists. That became my first idea about what art is - something to handle, look at and turn over. Probably because of this I first started working with books - around 2010. Later the drawings in them grew to large scale printing paper and then textiles appeared, and installations, audio, video, performance. A fundamental topic for me is time: the one that spectators spend in the gallery and the one that the artist spends working; and from then on - the topic of memory, its evidence, and the merging of personal and common story.”

You can check out her work at her website and at her instagram.

Sevda Semer the twenty-six participant in GenerationArt - space, opportunity, and a stage to express yourself and to show your art. If you want to share your art as Iva did, GenerationArt is open for people from all over the country, without a deadline - contact us at with a short description of your genre and the message you want to convey through art; send us a couple of your best works. No matter which is your direction, what is your genre and form, we cannot wait for you to share your work with our audience!

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