Comprehensive support for trans people

Support for transgender people is a holistic care related to mental health, medical transition and legal gender reassignment. At Single Step we work with trans cases through a comprehensive approach - by working with a psychologist and medical expert. We have gathered here detailed information on what you can count on from our supporting professionals: Anna Joukivskaia and Momchil Baev. You can contact each of them if you need an individual consultation, information or advice.

Anna Joukivskaia is our psychologist, who has had numbers of consultations with trance and non-binary people behind her. Her psychotherapeutic support in a safe and calm environment, with guaranteed confidentiality, can be invaluable in helping people of different gender identities at every stage of their awareness and acceptance process.

Her work includes, but is not limited to, providing psychotherapeutic support to the client and their family. Anna provides a statement and expert evaluation for starting hormone therapy, as well as for support in court regarding chang of administrative gender. Also, if necessary, she can provide a letter with guidelines for creating a tolerant space in the school and support the trans student by informing the teachers and the principal of the school where he / she is studying.

In addition to individual sessions, we offer psychological support for the whole family - the trans client and his family can join a support group at Single Step.

As part of the support, Anna works together with our career consultant - Konstantin Kunev, and our health consultant - Momchil Baev, as well as with an external psychiatrist when she needs an evaluation for an endocrinologist to start hormone therapy.

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Momchil Baev is our health consultant who provides information and guidance for trans people, including specific referrals to specialist doctors. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria there is still no official medical standard that people wanting to undertake a medical transition can follow and apply accordingly.

Denying the phenomenon of transsexuality is an opposition to science, including medicine. This opposition in our country hinders the provision of quality health services to persons in need of medical care in order to synchronize the anatomical with the mental gender.

In this regard, Single Step provides health consultations with a medical professional to help trans people choose the path of opportunities that lie ahead. Because the personal experience of each trance person is strictly individual, each approach can be different according to the needs and desires of the particular person. For trans people who have not reached adulthood, the health consultation is conducted with the consent or participation of a parent.

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