Services in Support of Practicing Psychologists / Therapists

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Services in support of practicing psychologists / therapists

Trainings / seminars on topics related to clients of different sexuality and / or gender identity (LGBT + clients).

If you are a practicing psychologist / therapist and want to express a desire to organize / plan a seminar, write to .


Supervision exists for two main reasons - 1) to protect the client; 2) to improve the therapist's ability to provide the best possible support for a particular client.

In the context of working with LGBT + clients, there are still too many stereotypical beliefs and attitudes dominating the national education system as well as the general public, which are very likely to form professional prejudices among practicing psychologists / therapists. If you are a professional working with an LGBT + client for the first time or you have avoided working with these clients because you do not feel prepared and need guidance and information, write to Anna Zhukivskaya, head of the psychological support program at Single Step -

Anna is a family therapist, supervisor, trainer.

Supervision will help to raise the awareness of the therapist, will allow the professional to hear feedback to improve his connection with the client. In essence, supervision is an integral part of the professional life of any practicing psychologist / therapist.