Become Part of a Hollywood Film Set

Nikoleta and Anna as Guests at Evrokom TV
My Story: N.N.

Robert Maaser Supports Single Step`s New Project

Would you like to experience what it's like to be on a Hollywood movie set? In Sofia! You have the chance to meet Single Step's new face - Robert Maaser and our team of world-renowned movie professionals who enthusiastically support Single Step and our cause..

Here's how you can win this unique opportunity: send us a short essay, entitled "What did I overcome, to be myself" (max 750 words), by 23:59 on Friday 13.04, at , together with your phone number. We will announce the winner on 16.04, Monday at 18:00 and we will publish the top 3 essays. The winner will visit us on the set between 20 and 22.04. If our cause is important to you, take this opportunity; we will cover the winner's travel and accommodation expenses!