The Importance of Taking Care of Your Psychological Well-being

This period...

This period in your life when you just need to talk to someone who is outside of your circle of friends, family and social acquaintances. To talk about what you are going through and feel listened to, not judged but rather feel supported in the process of realization and change.


May be you are in need of re-evaluating your present life, or you feel you need to change something in the way you communicate with the world. Trust me, you are not the only one. And there is no shame in admitting that you need help. Periods of crisis in our lives are the most productive times when we can work on ourselves and try to change patterns of behavior which have been part of our system for too long.

The process

Our psychologists have been working with individuals, families and couples for some time now. There is nothing more rewarding in their work than the moment when their clients don't need them anymore. This moment comes when they feel confident they can do it by themselves. It's similar to the experience when a parent sees her child fly away to independence. It is a process which needs dedication, that's for sure. And it's often the case when the client has just started to work towards a significant change, and he goes back several steps, not sure whether he can take it or not. But he can...

There are more and more people in Bulgaria who take the step towards seeing a therapist or a psychologist and it is less and less viewed as a shameful thing.

Here is why it is a good thing for you to visit a psychologist or a therapist at least once in your life:

  • The talking itself makes the anxiety or the confusion related to a certain issue disappear. The process of work will help you figure out not only the symptoms that you exhibit, but also the patterns of behavior or relationships which have led to their appearance.

  • You will find out about tools which will support you to deal with future issues.

  • Unexpressed feelings and traumas pile up if you do not talk about them. And they will haunt you, exploding in the least expected moments. So, learning how to process them will give space for more pleasant emotions.

  • You will understand your communication patterns with other people. Are you the mediator in your family? Are you the black sheep? Are you used to other people expecting less of you? Or may be too much?

  • Are you taking care of yourself or you are more absorbed in always be available for other people. You will learn how do you keep your boundaries and be more assertive.

  • You will see that you are not alone by building trust with the psychologist.

How does this work?

A typical psychological session takes around an hour and is located in a safe and comfortable environment where the person seeking support feels open and calm to share his concerns.

Whatever is said within the boundaries of the psychologist’s office is confidential.

Depending on the issues involved, a person can visit a psychologist only once, or between two to six times. Of course, every case is unique and should be reviewed individually.

So, if you feel like seeing a psychologist, give us a call or write an email and make an appointment. We are here to help!

If you are willing to talk to a psychologist

We are here to help!