Queer Light – debut photography exhibition of Silvia Marinova

Dani Kirilov is one of the participants during the Digital Indie Lab, who won a scholarship for his project.
Training on “Professional criteria and guidelines for support of young people with different sexual orientation and gender identity” in Plovdiv

Is there a shelf life of parental love? And when the child is found with a different from the generally accepted sexual orientation?

According to the Family Acceptance Project, one in 10 openings to parents worldwide is accompanied by long-term conflict, attempts at repression and denial, and even rejection by the family. Even more worrying is the fact that, compared to LGBT people adopted by their families, those rejected are 8 times more likely to attempt suicide, 6 times more likely to suffer from depression, and 3 times more likely to use drugs and illicit drugs. substances. Disclosure is not a one-time conversation with parents and loved ones, but thousands of small moments: from confession to oneself, conversation with family, close friends, to starting a new job or each new acquaintance.

In her debut photo series Queer Light, Silvia Marinova explores the discovery process of 9 girls and boys from the LGBT community in Bulgaria. What are the biggest obstacles and fears along this long journey? What emotions and feelings is he connected with? Is there support in coming to light or is it always a lonely endeavor? How does life change after disclosure?

… I dedicate this series of photos to all the sons and daughters who have faced the anger, sadness, helplessness or frustration of their parents due to the fact that they are different from the expected "normal". I believe that every human being needs and has the right to love, protection, freedom and strength to choose his path. People like Kaloyan, Veronica, Victoria, Mitko, Ruse, Ivelina, Malina, Avra, Venus inspire me to want to be a better version of myself, not to put up with the things I don't like, not to stop looking for things for which I am ready to give my time and soul….

The opening took place on October 16 at 7 pm in The Steps, 12 Bratya Miladinovi Str., Sofia

The interactive exhibition can be viewed until October 26.