“Single Step” is expanding its psychological support network in Burgas

Single Step Foundation participates in the trainings of the “Exemplary Schools” programme of the “Teach for Bulgaria” foundation
A “Five Films for Freedom” screening took place at The Steps

The national psychological support network of Single Step foundation continues to expand.

We are pleased to introduce Nedyalka Popova - psychologist for the region of Burgas.

Nedyalka Popova is a psychologist and psychotherapist in the making. Medical specialist, Bachelor and Master of Psychology, hypnotherapist, specialist in positive psychotherapy, master level cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. She is a member of the Society of Psychologists in Bulgaria with Reg. No. 1523. More information can be found on her website.

Nedyalka says about herself, "I love to explore myself and others. I approach everyone sitting across from me on the couch with curiosity and professionalism. I enjoy helping clients discover their strengths, talents, and activate their resources to become happier, more harmonious, new people."

Daniela Pehlivanyan will continue to provide psychological support in the area of Burgas through online sessions, and now users of our services can also benefit from in-person sessions with Nedyalka Popova both in Burgas and in Sunny Beach.

We would like to remind you that our online support group for young people from all over the country, led by Ani Draganova, is based in Burgas. More information about our psychological support network can be found here.