With Еpisode 5 of The Second Season of Our Podcast We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Mravin and the Planet Forest
GenerationArt: Gabriela Ilieva

Episode fifth of the second season is now online!

In the week of love we share with you the frank and exciting conversation with Elena and Galina, part of the community of LGBTI current and future parents.

Listen with open hearts to what they have to share. Love and care is the unifying mission and driving force for both, couples and their children. Remember that different sexualities and gender identities are not "nurtured" and do not depend on the upbringing of parents. But to hate the different is certainly nurtured.

More information on how to become part of LGBTI parents' groups can be found here and here

You can hear the episode at Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple PodCast.