Episode Three of the Second Season of Our Podcast is Associated With a Heightened Sense of Rejection during the holidays

Episode Two and Our Conversation with Georgi Apostolov from the Center for Safe Internet are Now Online
GenerationArt: Ani-Yana Ivanovska

Episode three of the second season is now online!

We know from experience that the upcoming holidays can cause both positive emotions and a feeling of heightened isolation, rejection, rejection. This year marks the "putting on masks" as a normal element of our daily lives. For LGBT people who return to their families, putting on a mask in a metaphorical sense is something that brings painful emotions. In this episode, Annie and Niya will try to improve your mood and help you cope with a "pinch of cinnamon" better with sadness during the holidays. We remind you that our chat will work on holidays such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, December 31 and January 1, working hours are from 16 to 19 hours. Remember - no matter how difficult the situation, nothing lasts forever.

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