We Joined an Open Letter Denouncing the Homophobic Statements of Veselin Mareshki

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Single Step Joined an Open Letter Denouncing the Homophobic Statements of MP Veselin Mareshki

In an open letter addressed to the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, a group of non-profit organizations, including Single Step, strongly denounced Veselin Mareshki’s hate speech of May 31, 2017. In it he equates alternative sexual orientation with "dependence" and calls on MPs “to either declare their dependence, or quietly leave the National Assembly".

Speaking from the floor of the supreme legislative body in Bulgaria, Mr Mareshki does not only offend someone for personal reasons, the letter says, but he discriminates directly, violating the Constitution, the Protection from Discrimination Act, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and even the statute of his own party, which states that the party will "participate in Bulgarian political life by protecting the inalienable human rights and freedoms".

The six organizations which signed the open letter call for a public apology by Mr Mareshki and request that the Commission for Combating Corruption, Conflict of Interest and Parliamentary Ethics consider the case and issue a statement denouncing such an unconstitutional statement by an elected official.