Rene Karabash – Our Second CampOUT Guest Lecturer

Irena Ivanova is extremely well known to the audience, but perhaps under her pseudonym Rene Karabash.

We Are Looking For Volunteers!

Single Step's team is looking for volunteers to operate the online chat. The announcement is in Bulgarian only as we need fluent speakers in Bulgarian...

Yana Stoyanova – part of CampOUT

Yana Stoyanova is one of the best specialists in Bulgaria in the field of special cinema effects, prosthetic make-up, beauty make-up and stage make-up.

“My Right for Self-Determination Does Not Infringe Upon Anyone”

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled against Bulgaria for failing to recognize the gender reassignment of a transgender Bulgarian citizen without justification.

Azis – Our First CampOUT Guest Lecturer

Azis is one of the most successful entertainers in Bulgarian show business. He joins CampOUT as a guest lecturer and will share what it had cost him to reach the top and what his journey was as a gay artist.

Borche Ristovski – part of CampOUT

Borche Ristovski is one of the most interesting multifaceted young artists. What remains largely hidden from the public is that in his free time he continues to create, but in a different direction.