„I love being gay and I love our achievements“

Today the legacy of Larry Kramer continues to live and will impact the generations after us.

Let’s Celebrate Pride Month Together

Now, more than ever, our community throughout Bulgaria needs to see and hear that we think about it! Now is the time for you to help, even with a small gesture!

We Presented “Don’t Tell Mama” Online

The online live premiere was on May 8th (Friday) and included talk of the journalist Georgi Toshev with the author Nikolay Yordanov, a short dance film that introduced us to the world of its characters, and a Q&A session.

Charity Concert #HelpFromHome Initiated By Single Step

Initiated by Single Step and entitled #HelpFromHome, bTV will broadcast a two-hour charity concert on April 8 from 8 pm. The donations from the concert will help the most vulnerable and affected senior citizens and children in the country.

The Communities At The Centre Of Our Care

Although people with HIV who are treated, have normal CD4 T-cell counts and suppressed viral load, may not be at increased risk of serious illness, many people with HIV have other conditions that increase their risk.

Sexual Health and HIV in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The number of people who contacted us about sexual communication in the context of epidemics and emergencies is increasing.