Interview with Anna, Desislava and Konstantin for TimeHeroes

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About the Courage to Take the First Step Towards Yourself

In October 2017 Single Step started the first for Bulgaria confidential chat, in which LGBTI youth and their parents can ask about everything that is making them anxious, can share the secrets they are afraid to say out loud and talk to someone who can understand all circles of hell they are going through. And to receive concrete, adequate and unconditional support, reads TimeHeroes' blog.

The main characters that make the existence of the chat possible and are online every evening between 20:00 and 23:00, are volunteers. They are a team of steel of 12 volunteers throughout the entire first year. They have been through more than 600 online conversations with people from more than 65 towns and villages from all over the country.

You can read the entire interview with our psychologist Anna Joukivskaia and the volunteers Desislava Penkova and Konstantin Kunev here.