What Do LGBTI Students Face at High-Schools?

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National Climate Survey at Bulgarian High-School in Relation to LGBTI Youth

Now, for the first time in Bulgaria, we at Single Step Foundation and Bilitis Resource Center, are launching a national online study assessing the climate in high-schools in Bulgaria to learn more about the experiences of young LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) people in schools across the country. As of today there is no official data in Bulgaria on this topic.

The information gathered from this study will help us objectively present the situation with LGBTI students and what challenges they are facing at school today. With the collected data, we will prepare a report that will be available on our sites.

The survey is anonymous, voluntary and is addressing students aged 14 and over.

If you are a LGBTI youth of this age, fill out the questionnaire here and share with friends!