Free Confidential Oral HIV Test at Home

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Free Confidential Oral HIV Test at Home

At Single Step we believe that the future of the LGBTI community is in the hands of our community itself and that it depends primarily on us. This is also the case when our health is concerned. Our community of gay men and other men who have sex with men (“MSM”), no matter if they identify themselves as bisexual or heterosexual, is the group most affected by the HIV virus. In order to successfully deal with the HIV epidemic, which is heavily concentrated within MSM, we all have to test regularly and to encourage safe sex practices.

Therefore, starting today, Single Step, together with our partners Grindr for Equality, National Patients Organization and Sexwell, and with the financial support of Gilead and GSK, is launching a comprehensive initiative #endHIVbg, from our community for our community. We are offering MSM the opportunity to test themselves for HIV entirely for free, confidentially, at the comfort of their homes, without the need of visiting a testing center or meeting anyone. We are using the test OraQuick®, the only FDA-approved oral home HIV test. The test is performed by using saliva, so there is no need for the drawing of blood. You will know the result in 20 mins, confidentially, at the comfort of your own home. You can order the free confidential HIV home test here, however, since our campaign #endHIVbg is targeting only the Bulgarian HIV high risk population, the description, questionnaire and order form are available only in Bulgarian.

With our initiative #endHIVbg we are continuing our mission to offer comprehensive, concrete resources to our community, not on a campaign basis, but as sustainable solutions to matters important to our community.

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