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Cinelibri Festival Under the Moto 'Love Between the Lines'

It is our first time of being partners with a film festival and one with a slogan that states ‘Love between the lines’ - CineLibri Film Festival. Our first initiative together is our partnership on three of the films in their selection, the showings of which are in theatres across the country from 10 October until 24 October 2018. Disobedience, Colette and The Happy Prince are all in alignment both with the festival’s slogan and our foundation’s essential mission.


Sidonie Gabrielle Colette is a young woman from the country who marries a charismatic Parisian with dominant tendencies. The plot is set at the beginning of what we know as the modern age. Colette proves what a woman striving to escape her husband’s control is capable of in her pursuit to establish herself as an artist. The main character is played by Keira Knightley and the film is based on a true story.


In Disobedience a woman returns to a community that rejected her due to ‘sinful affairs’ a decade before the movie is set. Passion, however, is stirred once again and we as an audience can see the immaculate cinematic exploration of the line that separates faith and sexuality. After the death of her estranged father, Ronit (Rachel Weisz) returns from New York to an Orthodox Jewish community in North London, the one she grew up in. Immediately after that she ignites discourse, as her interest towards one of her childhood girl friends Esti (Rachel McAdams) grows.

The Happy Prince

Life is too short to be taken seriously, said one of the most astonishing playwrights of the victorian era. In 1895, Oscar Wilde is charged with homosexuality and improper behaviour and sent out to clerical labor in jail. After his release, he settles down in Paris where he only manages to make ends meet with the help of his family. Rupert Everett tells the untold story of the last and tragic days of Wilde’s life - a man forced to impartially watch his ironic humiliation from taking all of the life-altering and dark circumstances of his existence with a sense of humour.