The Stories

Here, Single Step will present the personal stories of people from the LGBTI community and their allies.
We believe that the experiences of others can be of help to the young members of the community, parents, friends, close ones, and others.

My Story: “I Am a Boy”

I am no less a person because if someone has a different identity or sexual orientation than the "normal", it does not make them less human and less deserving of rights and the opportunity to be fulfilled...

My Story: D.N.

I've always been a very ordinary boy, growing up in a fairly average statistical family...

Our Story: Aline и Cedric (Video)

Our friends Aline and Cedric from PAINT have shared why they started this special project with interviews of LGBTI people from all over Europe, what their personal stories are about people in the community and what they would say to young people in Bulgaria.

My Story: Gerard Conley (Video)

In October 2019, Gerard Conley returned to Bulgaria at the invitation of Single Step to present together the Bulgarian adaptation of his book "Boy Erased" and the film thereon, starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

My Story: Emmett Patterson (Video)

Today, Emmett is a vocal advocate for trans health and human rights and is working actively in the sphere of HIV awareness-raising. He was a crucial part of our #endHIVbg pilot project. You can watch his touching and brave personal story here!

My Story: Kosta Karakashyan (Video)

Have a look at Kosta Karakashyan's story - a choreographer, director and dancer, who tells us about his life in the States, Japan and Vietnam, as well as the story of his first documentary movie Waiting for Color.