Single Step at Kapana Fest 2018

Our Volunteers Were Awarded
Free Confidential Oral HIV Test at Home

Through Photography, Painting and Poetry "Come Together" Asks: “How Am I Similar To?”

Themes such as community, belonging, maturity, lust, loneliness, closeness, vanity that serve as mirrors to the authentic, universal experience which everyone goes through, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The exhibited works included are by artists from the Bulgarian LGBT community but you can also see pieces by cis and heterosexual artists. Some of them are already well-established, while others’ artistic careers are emerging right now.

Asen Tasev reflects on intimacy through his paintings. The film photography of Asya Popova depicts the aesthetics of our daily lives. Ivailo Minkov’s abstract work takes us back to our “beginning” through the idea of home and its meanings, while Dina Stoev explores one’s first feelings as a continuation. Having been introduced to the public only recently, the paintings of Mila Robert offer a colourful insight into the many layers of identity. Yasen Zurovski makes us laugh, surprises and provokes us through the use of psychedelic pop and queer art. Last but not least, the poetry of Nikola Nenkov, Polina Slavcheva, Nadejda Kostadinova and Neli Staneva complements the exhibition and reveals new aspects of this assertion of the individuals and how they relate to their environment.

Plovdiv, namely Kapana is one of the more LGBT-friendly parts of Bulgaria. We’re thrilled that Kapana Fest was where we realised our first group show by remarkable Bulgarian artists and poets.