My Story: The Volunteer II

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The Importance of Being Accepted

I have been volunteering for more than 12 years. I can become a volunteer as long as I find the cause important and meaningful, and one I can contribute to it. This is what happened when I joined the volunteers at the online support of Single Step. Personally, I am not part of the LGBTI community, but I have been thinking since I was a teenager about identity, where do I belong, and how do I identify myself. I am about to graduate with a Master’s in Psychology and I still find the topics about belonging and what is important for us to live a fulfilling and authentic life, very exciting.

It is both challenging and satisfying to be a volunteer at the online support chat. Every ‘acquaintance’ we have with our users, convince me how important it is for everybody, no matter how they identify themselves, to feel accepted, valued, and free to be themselves and to connect with others. And to find support, as well.

Apart from people, I really love nature, the small things around us, nice gestures, books (even children books with captivating illustrations and simple truths), movies, TED talks and meaningful conversations. I am grateful and I appreciate that I was born a human being :). Some of the characteristics that I value most in myself are sensitivity and the ability to experience, even if it’s not necessarily positive. I love finding things that excite me one way or another.

I remember this provocative short film “The First” („Първият“), which explores some sacred and intimate personal topics. I believe that everybody can ponder something about themselves no matter if the LGBT topic is familiar or not. I think that the movie is human, honest and touching, even if it sometimes leaves you confused. The movie perfectly illustrates searching, trying, worrying, hesitating, and wanting to connect. It leaves more questions, emotions, and food for thought than assessment or correct answers. I think it is shot beautifully, it is colorful and contrasting. The visuals, as well as the music, add to the storyline and the scenes. I hope this movie touches you and makes you think.


Single Step's volunteers are working on the online support chat everyday between 8 pm and 11 pm.