GenerationArt: Hristiyana Yordanova

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We present to you Hristiyana: Artist

Christiana is a young artist at the beginning of her career. In the stage of her secondary education she has participated in numerous competitions in various genres, of which is the fine arts, in addition to literature and presentations:

31st National Competition-Quiz "In the footsteps of the detachment of Tanyo Voivoda" -discipline for drawing 2016

Municipal drawing competition "Nikulden" - second place

International competition "Florin Vasilescu", drawing section 3rd place

Municipal poster competition "Freedom does not betray those who fight for it" -1st place

School competition for the logo "I'm not for sale" -1st place

During his last year at school, he has released a mural entitled "Europe is for all, as part of the project for a school ambassador to our school"

Hristiana shares about herself:

These are some of my participations in the stage of my high school education. Veliko Tarnovo I applied and was accepted, at first not with what I wanted (graphic design), but with pedagogy, but it's good that it happened. Thanks to this, studying the pedagogy of teaching art, I had the opportunity to create in different directions: Painting, Painting, Sculpture, Mural, Graphic Design and Graphics. With graphics I rediscovered myself and in the middle of the first semester .At the end of the semester I participated in and won one of the three equal prizes for drawing in the student competition for achievements in the field of drawing and graphics.

Hristiyana is the seventeenth participant in GenerationArt - space, opportunity, and a stage to express yourself and to show your art. If you want to share your art as Iva did, GenerationArt is open for people from all over the country, without a deadline - contact us at with a short description of your genre and the message you want to convey through art; send us a couple of your best works. No matter which is your direction, what is your genre and form, we cannot wait for you to share your work with our audience!

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