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Single Step Launches a Psychotherapeutic Support Group for People Living with HIV

As part of our #endHIVbg initiative, we are launching a psychotherapeutic support group for people living with HIV at the beginning of May 2019. The group will provide support and will help its members adapt to living with a chronic disease, such as HIV, and the resulting effects. The group will focus on two areas: addressing the main concerns related to the adherence to therapy and adapting to a reality, which may require a number of changes to one’s everyday life, and, coping with all feelings resulting from the new reality. This is a long process, requiring a suitable environment, context, in which an HIV positive person can talk about everything difficult and painful, to ask questions, to explore himself and his feelings in order to find alternatives for coping with his condition and a new reality. Creating such a safe space opens possibilities for support, adequate adaptation and coping with all feelings, resulting from the new reality which a person faces: fear for the future, a sense of doom, guilt, sadness, the burden of the stigma, fear of death and so forth, after having been diagnosed with the virus.

The group will be led by a group psychotherapist with vast experience in the field of HIV – Teodora Milotinova, whose professional life is closely intertwined with people living with HIV in Bulgaria. She started as an HIV therapist within the HIV care unit in Sofia in 2009 and continues her therapeutic practice out-of-hospital.

If you are living with HIV, no matter if you’ve been recently diagnosed or not, and you wish to join the group in Sofia, please put your trust in us and contact us on 0886 74 65 60 or email us at . As always, we are here to help.