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Introducing Viá T. Nam: A Drag Queen

Today in GenerationArt we are introducing one of the new stars of the Bulgarian drag scene - the exotic princess Viá T. Nam. With her glamorous looks and exquisite beauty, Viá is born to win hearts and be the centre of attention. We asked her for an interview and here's what she shared with us.

Who is Viá?

Viá Nam is an image created with a lot of hard work and effort, created solely with my two hands. Viá is easily recognizable precisely because of her Asian features, which I try to emphasize as much as possible, be it with makeup or clothes. Viá is one of the new faces in Bulgarian drag circles, but I boldly say that the image is developing at a scary speed, which scares me at times, but I am very happy that people see the efforts I am making. Of course, as a new artist, I haven't had the chance to introduce Via to our general public yet, and as we know, the drag scene in Bulgaria is too small. I hope to have the opportunity to convey everything I have to say to the public soon. Believe me, it's an awful lot.

How was the idea of Viá born?

Viá Nam was born quite jokingly, I would say. I got out wearing drag a few days before my 20th birthday, and from day one I knew I wanted to do drag in the future. This hobby of mine, and hopefully a job in the future, has shown me that my imagination can reach levels I never even suspected. I've always had an interest in fashion and maybe that was the thing that grabbed my attention in the beginning.

Tell us more about the person behind Viá.

Behind the image of Viá lies a very different boy. The rest of the time I'm a 20-year-old boy named Philip. A boy with the most ordinary life, the most ordinary job, the most ordinary social circle. Unfortunately or not, with a not so ordinary appearance. I'm half Asian, with a rather 'charming' style, which automatically makes me an attraction wherever I go.

What inspires you?

Anything can inspire me. Other artist inspire me or it could be the most ordinary person. It could be an emotion, it could be a movie, it could even be a phrase. I look for the beauty in everything, as we all should, and I think I'm doing a good job of interpreting it so far.

What are your plans for the future? What should we expect from Viá?

My plans for the future are very big. I would be very happy and I will really do my best to be one of the people who will start a new era in drag art in Bulgaria. We have scary good examples on the Bulgarian scene. Endlessly talented artists, but I think it's time to upgrade and I know we can.

Find out more about Viá T. Nam onInstagram.

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