GenerationArt: Haralambi Markov

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Reconcilicceptance | Exhibition by Haralambi Markov

Introducing Haralambi Markov: writer, reviewer and editor

Haralambi Markov is a Bulgarian non-binary fiction writer, reviewer & editor with a background in content creation, who currently works as a freelance writer. They were the first ever Bulgarian to be accepted to attend the Clarion Writers’ Workshop in 2014. Their short story “The Language of Knives” was long-listed for the Nebula award for Best Short Story. Their work has appeared in TOR.com, Uncanny Magazine, Evil in Technicolor, Weird Fiction Review, Stories for Chip, Eurasian Monsters and Lackington’s. They were part of the team of BonFIYAH 2021.

Their work addresses themes around the transgressiveness of the corporeal, mental health, the occult and cosmic horror. They began their work in collaging as a way to address their frustration in working with texts. The underlying principle that guides their process is the tactile aspects of collages as a form of intuitive creation.

Markov works as a freelance copywriter and has written about everything from conferences and luxury travel to financial services and cybersecurity.

They have been making collages since the beginning of the pandemic as a form of therapy past the stress and uncertainty of life, and his approach is intuitive. The exhibition Reconcilicceptance is a first step in unfolding a visual narrative and addresses the sense of self of being a queer person living in a country that does not love you as such; living under the weight of the past and 'traditional Bulgarian values', and finding some form of personal peace. More information about the exhibition and when the public will be able to see it will be published soon.

You can find out more about Haralambi on Instagram.

Some of their work is available to read via the following links.

The Language of Knives

When Raspberries Bloom in August

Bones Are Stones for Building

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