GenerationArt: Vasil Vasilev

Mila Robert – Ambassador of Generated Art
Single Step – Part of Impact Challenge on Safety

We give you Vasil Vasilev: an artist

He is the fifth artist selected to be part of #GenerationArt

Vasil has been drawing as long as he can remember. Some of his earliest childhood memories are with a brush in his hand. He shares he finds inspiration even in the most inconspicuous things. Sometimes it’s a simple emotion, sometimes ascent of a casual passerby, sometimes a song. Another time it’s someone's smile.

About his art he says it gives him freedom - the freedom to express himself and his inner world. This on the other side gives him inner peace and emotion. He shares that his art also helps him find solutions for the challenges in his life.

Through his art, Vassil expresses numerous things. Most often, sentiments in which he has been completely immersed, unable to sleep until he pours them on the canvas. Many others convey powerful messages; their richness incites a deep emotional response.

You can find his work on his Instagram account VasilArt . You should definitely check it - no one was left unaffected by his art.

Vassil is the fifth participant selected to be featured on GenerationArt - a space where you can express yourself and show your art. If you also want to get involved, the invitation is open to people from all over the country, with no deadline - email us at with a brief description of the genre you work in and what message you convey through your art. No matter what path you pursue, what your genre and form are, we can't wait to share your work!

Since November 2019 GenerationArt is part of the three-year project "Empowering young LGBTI people through access to services, motivation and focused policy change", implemented with financial support, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism. The main objective of the project is to support and empower young LGBTI people and the professionals supporting them.

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