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We give you Malden: an dancer

Shе is the ninth artist selected to be part of #GenerationArt

My name is Madlene, 18 years old, from Veliko Tarnovo. I study graphic design and photography and I love to create.

1. Why did you decide to dance?

As a child, my dream was to be able to fly and to this day it is still one of the biggest that I have. It was not a decision or a choice… dancing has always been a part of me. For now, this is the closest form of flying for me. By dancing, I feel like I always make all my dreams come true. They are also closely related to acting - another passion and dream of mine.

2. What inspires you?

There is something magical about feeling the air pass through you and dance on your skin as you move. I am inspired by many things, even seemingly insignificant ones. The sunny days, the rainy days, the sunrises I see in the morning going to school. I am inspired by the smiles of the important people in my life, especially when I know that I have contributed to them smiling. I am inspired by the aromas of the seasons (everyone has a specific one) and many other things.

3. What do you want to show people with your dance? What do you transmit through it?

A dance tells a story, and it's kind of selfish to keep it to yourself when you have the opportunity to tell it. I dance because it wings me. I want to show that everyone can dance, just everyone feels this magic of the wind and the air differently. You don't have to be flexible to create something through your body that makes you smile, or in some cases - cry. I don't like the competitive nature of dancing or that attitude for something to be done "at any cost". If a movement is simply learned -framed or limited in some way, it brings you no emotion or you feel empty inside, then why dance at all? This applies to any art in general, if it doesn't bring you any emotion, then don’t do it.

The idea is for you to share and convey your emotion so the audience can be able to relive the story.

4. Where can we see the things you do?

For now, mainly on Instagram , and now I'm preparing something for YouTube, in a slightly different direction from dancing.

Madlen is the ninth participant in GenerationArt - space, opportunity and a stage to express yourself and to show your art. If you want to share your art as Iva did, GenerationArt is open for people from all over the country, without a deadline - contact us at with a short description of your genre and the message you want to convey through art; send us a couple of your best works. No matter which is your direction, what is your genre and form, we cannot wait for you to share your work with our audience!

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