GenerationArt: Ani-Yana Ivanovska

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We present to you Ani-Yana: a photographer

Shе is the eleventh artist selected to be part of #GenerationArt

Ani-Yana Peterinova Ivanovska .. or in short Ivanovska. Photographer, Merchandiser & Stylist. Minimalist.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein

I don't like to talk much about myself and I decided to introduce myself through the words of my friends:

- Dedicated, with attention to detail. "A rebel when it comes to justice." "An introvert." - Always ready to help. - Open-minded.

I have done many things over the years - painting, theater, cinema .. Each art has helped me discover many things about the world and even more about myself. In photography, I felt most free to be and express myself, so I realized that this is "my thing". I started without any knowledge and without a device even. I borrowed from friends whenever I could, went out, and experimented for hours. I went home, looked at all the unsuccessful shots and looked for information on where I had gone wrong and how to be able to realize my new ideas. So over time, I was able to take my first personal camera and find my style in the world of photography.

Inspiration .. The muse .. it remains a mystery. He comes and goes. I find inspiration everywhere, even where I least expect it. Whether it is a person, an event, or an object, inspiration is energy. A spell you need to be open to and let it find you when it decides. It can't be done by force.

Every art I've done has left its mark on me. The theater appeared at an interesting moment in my life. He helped me and taught me many things. Through the characters, through the scenography, through my work with everyone on the team, I was able to learn that everything has a reason. Or, as Chekhov said, "If a rifle hangs on the stage in the first act, it must explode in the last act."

I started watching a lot, from the side. To see the small almost imperceptible facial expressions that a person makes. Tics that are unconscious, but you see, reveal a lot. This remained my habit off stage.

In my photographs I try to capture these pure moments when a person is really himself. When he is not busy with who will say what, he will clean up or when he does not think about daily duties. I try to capture those moments when a person indulges in emotion completely, no matter what the situation. This is getting harder and harder in the old days, so I keep trying. I want to show people that purity in a person that is increasingly left in the background. I want to show the emotions ... Happiness, without having to be materially bound. Sadness, without having to hide it or deny it. Love without setting limits and norms.

I have several projects I'm working on and I hope to reach more audiences, and not just through social media. For now, everything is still at the "work site" level, but I hope to be able to share more soon.

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Ani - Yana is the eleventh participant in GenerationArt - space, opportunity, and a stage to express yourself and to show your art. If you want to share your art as Iva did, GenerationArt is open for people from all over the country, without a deadline - contact us at with a short description of your genre and the message you want to convey through art; send us a couple of your best works. No matter which is your direction, what is your genre and form, we cannot wait for you to share your work with our audience!

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