Ekaterina Kostadinova – one of the winners in Digital Indie Lab

GenerationArt: Yasen Nedelchev
Dani Kirilov is one of the participants during the Digital Indie Lab, who won a scholarship for his project.

Ekaterina Kostadinova is one of the participants in the first edition of Digital Indie Lab, who impressed the mentors with her project and won a scholarship of BGN 1,000 for the realization of this project.

The aim of the project, MedicalSpace.org, is to create a community of students and specialists in medical specialties, who can qualitatively improve their digital learning environment, and in addition to users of educational content, they also become authors.

The target group of the project are young people between 17 and 25 years old - active young people who are about to choose a professional path.

About the project "Your superpower" (part of MedicalSpace.org)

"Your Superpower!" Is a series of documentary video portraits of nurses, health care assistants, rehabilitators, paramedics, midwives, laboratory technicians. These professions are vocations, professions that rethink daily work and have the potential to bring deep personal satisfaction in professional development. "Your superpower!"

The MedicalSpace.org platform contains additional information about the educational institutions in which the specialty is studied, the application process, the form of education, the opportunities for scholarships and internships.