We Presented “Don’t Tell Mama” Online

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We Presented "Don't Tell Mama" Online

"I never told you that. I never dared to tell you. And I love you. I was the fool. I was the wussy. I was ashamed of myself. I was ashamed of you. But how can love be shameful? ”

Single Step Foundation presented "Don't Tell Mama", a new Bulgarian novel that goes beyond the boundaries of genre, beyond literary traditions, and beyond prejudice. But this is not just a "gay" book. This is a plot that has been unfolding for over 40 years in more than 10 countries on four continents, which characters are beyond limits, the conventional and the familiar. "Don't Tell Mama" is something like magical realism, defending the most important right of the modern man - the right to be himself.

The online live premiere took place on May 8th (Friday), on the FB page of Single Step, in partnership with GLAS Foundation and with the assistance of STREAMER.BG and Ligna Group. It included a conversation of the journalist Georgi Toshev with the author Nikolay Yordanov, a short dance film, introducing us to the world of its characters, as well as a Q&A session.

During the 1-hour premiere itself, more than 4,000 people were able to join in and watch, with more than a hundred of them asking their questions. In 24 hours, the premiere has been watched 7,000 times.

The online premiere of "Don't Tell Mom" by Nikolay Yordanov also aroused wide media interest.

You can buy the book in bookstores here