Apply for Our Second Digital Indie Lab

Dani Kirilov is one of the participants during the Digital Indie Lab, who won a scholarship for his project.
The S.U.P.E.R. project – part of the big winners in the first edition of Digital Indie Lab

Be part of the second edition of the accelerator for young talents Digital Indie Lab

The Single Step Foundation invites you to:

Digital Indie Lab 2.0

Supported by Google Impact Challenge

After the first edition of Digital Indie Lab in April 2021, we confirmed for ourselves that in Bulgaria there are young people who have something to say on exciting social issues, it is important for them to be engaged and to have a public voice. The team of mentors we gathered - Gena Traykova, Nikolay Yordanov, Maria Atanasova and Boral Shen - created a program that excited, excited, inspired and made the participants sleep for several days in order to be able to prepare their projects for the final. presentation.

So we decided to invite you to participate in the second edition of Digital Indie Lab, in which we are looking for you again.

If you are:

● vlogger

● Blogger

● Podcaster

● young journalist or you create online content for a young and active audience and recognize yourself in this description, we at Single Step, want to invite you to Digital Indie Lab 2.0 .: an accelerator for young, alert and motivated people with experience in creating digital content in any to be a form. Digital Indie Lab is supported by Google.org Impact Challenge on Safety .

Apply for Digital Indie Lab and you can get:

● one of three financial prizes of BGN 2,000 for your online content project on social topics such as: social inequality, human rights, including LGBTI, harassment and violence, volunteering, ecology, consumerism, corruption, urban environment, civic participation, etc .; ● mentoring and training by experts;

● presentation of the three selected projects during an official event at The Steps with guests, media, etc.

● Promote your project through Single Step platforms.

Our goal is to support you and your idea, to provide you with the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors, and finally - to see your online project in action. With the help of successful professionals in the field of journalism, digital technology and social media, you can get what you need to create or develop your online platform (the format and channel are unlimited: deposit, blog, podcast, photo blog, etc. .n.), through which to motivate other young people in Bulgaria to be active and socially engaged. All this will happen in our new space The Steps, which also has the necessary equipment if you need to test your idea.

The accelerator will include workshops, individual and group workshops, exercises with mentors, and finally the best 3 projects will receive financial support of BGN 2,000 each. Mentors Gena Traykova, Maria Atanasova, Boral Shen, Nikolay Yordanov and other guest speakers will be available, sharing their experience, stories and methods of work for five days. The maximum total number of participating projects is 10, and the three winners will receive their financial prize in two tranches, after fulfilling the criteria for a period of 6 months, which they themselves have set for the implementation of their project. During the first 6 months after the end of the Lab, the winners will give feedback on the development of the project during a monthly meeting with the mentors and the team of Single Step.

During the event you will:

● We inspire you on how to be productive and seek social change;

● Develop your technical skills;

● Learn more about storytelling;

● Understand how to select your sources of information and distinguish fake new ones;

● Get acquainted with the latest trends in digital content and online marketing;

● Learn more about monetizing your content;

We provide transportation, accommodation and food for selected candidates.


Digital Indie Lab will be held from 24.11 to 28.11 (Wednesday - Sunday). The application deadline is November 10, 2021.


The Steps, 12 Bratya Miladinovi Str., Sofia


Participants are required to be over 18 years of age. Your application must include:

● 3-minute (max) video or

● 3-minute (max) audio or

● text of up to 500 words, in which you share your experience, your motivation to participate and the idea of ​​a project you want to develop (theme, online channel, format, duration, etc.). Among the topics we will be happy to see in future projects are: social inequality, human rights, including LGBTI, bullying at school / online, volunteering, ecology, consumerism, corruption, the urban environment, civic participation and politics, and everything that excites you . Tell us more about yourself, what social engagement is for you and be creative!

The accelerator is open only for Bulgarian speakers