Gena Traykova – The First Mentor in Digital Indie Lab

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Gena Traykova is the first mentor to be part of the Digital Indie Lab

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Gena Traykova is one of the most distinguished faces of Bulgarian journalism - together with Venelin Petkov they entered the history of television as hosts of the first news program of the first private national television in Bulgaria in 2000. Later she became a producer of bTV News, bTV Reporters, as well as the documentary series bTV Documents.

Gena Traikova has a master's degree in television journalism and has specialized in CNN and BBC Birmingham, as well as Italian language and culture in Perugia, Italy.

Gena Traykova is the author of numerous documentaries, including "The Song of Valya" (2014), "The Great Heresy" (2009), "Nylon Apocalypse or…" (2007), "In Exile" (2006), " AUTOS ”(2004),“ Honor That Kills ”(2004),“ Whisper from the Grave ”(2003),“ Military Correspondents ”(2003),“ Forgotten Wings ”(2002) and others.

Gena Traykova has won a number of awards, including a Golden Umbrella for Best Documentary at the Albena Festival (2009), as well as the First Prize of the Bulgarian Europe Festival (2008) for The Great Heresy, Prize for TV journalism in the competition Woman of the Year (2008), the European Commission's Special Award "Robert Schumann" for (2008) and the European Eco-Festival "Green Wave" 21 (2008) for "Nylon Apocalypse or…", Award for Vision for the Future - "My idea that will change the world" of the "Meeting the 21st Century" Foundation (1999) and many others.

More about Digital Indie Lab can be found here.