Boral Shen – The Fourth Mentor in Digital Indie Lab

Maria Atanasova – The Third Mentor in Digital Indie Lab
Vihren Georgiev – Our First Digital Indie Lab Guest Lecturer

Boral Shen is the fourth mentor to be part of the Digital Indie Lab

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Boral Shen is an experienced communication, marketing, and content expert for digital audiences.

In the last 10 years, he has developed and implemented PR, content, and distribution strategies of some of the most popular YouTube artists and channels in Bulgaria.

As Business Development Manager at Virginia Records, Boral has represented and established the catalogs of the world's largest music labels, as well as the stars of X Factor Bulgaria.

As Distribution Manager at 7Talents, Boral has been responsible for the establishment and management of hundreds of video productions, influencers, and series of interactive digital content, which engaged millions of Bulgarian users in the media and social networks.

Since 2020, Boral has been responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of marketing strategies and the development of dozens of brands in various businesses, as part of the consulting company's portfolio. His expertise is focused on establishing interactive and innovative approaches to digital communication that help customers reach and engage their target audiences online.

He is a digital video marketing lecturer at Digital Pro, IAB Masterclass, and a guest panelist at Mediamixx, F5 Conference Bulgaria.

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