Dani Kirilov is one of the participants during the Digital Indie Lab, who won a scholarship for his project.

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Dani Kirilov became a part and won a financial scholarship during the first edition of Digital Indie Lab with his idea for a podcast, in which together with friends and experts they will review our familiar history and look for the hidden queer threads in it.

The queer prism is used to study and challenge the way scientists, activists, literary texts, and the media validate binary categories based on gender and gender.

The podcast has the working title "Purple Archives", and the format is expected to have episodes of 30-40 minutes, including the introduction of history, excerpts from interviews with experts on the topic and informal discussion with a guest on the topic.

The number of episodes so far in the first planned season of the podcast is 6. Some of the topics that will be addressed are the case against famous homosexuals in socialism, the scandals surrounding the life of Prince Ferdinand and other important figures from the time of Princely Bulgaria, Unconventional behavior and beliefs of the Bogomils in the Middle Ages or evidence of deviations in the traditions of the Ottoman Empire over the centuries.

The ultimate goal of Dani Kirilov with his project is to run a thread through all these individual events and personalities who have left their big or more modest trace in the history of our lands. In other words, to reconsider and appropriate (reclaim) that part of the story that is not purposefully told and taught.

Because the strongest weapon against allegations of unnaturalness, unconventionality and foreignness of the LGBTI society in Bulgaria is their historical refutation.