Episode 4 of The Second Season of Our Podcast with Guest Dr. Vladimir Sotirov is Now Online

n this episode, Ani talks to the clinical psychiatrist Dr. Vladimir Sotirov and gets an opinion about supporting LGBT people, and in particular trans people, from a serious professional with many years of experience.

Episode Three of the Second Season of Our Podcast is Associated With a Heightened Sense of Rejection during the holidays

In this episode, Annie and Niya will try to improve your mood and help you cope with a "pinch of cinnamon" better with sadness during the holidays...

Episode Two and Our Conversation with Georgi Apostolov from the Center for Safe Internet are Now Online

The second episode (season 2) is dedicated to our online communication. The conversation is with Georgi Apostolov from the Center for Safe Internet...

Episodе 1 of The 2nd Season is Now Online

In the first episode of season 2 of the Single Step podcast, Ani talks to Natasha Dobreva about her experience as a lawyer in cases involving human rights and in particular the rights of trans people...