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The Definition of Gender Must Save Lives, Not Win Votes

Last week, a public debate erupted again over the definition of gender requested by the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC).

The Common Things Between The German Health Fund And a Judge From Sevlievo

The free movement of people and services in the European Union makes Europe even smaller by forcing a doctor from Frankfurt and a judge from Sevlievo to work together in the common interest of a Bulgarian citizen.

Sofia Municipality refused to issue a Certificate of Actual Cohabitation of Two Women

On International Women's Day, the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria will sit in a case for registered partnership of two ladies. The applicants applied to the Sofia Municipality for a certificate that they were living in de facto cohabitation.

Orphans taken away from foster transgender parent in Russia

On 15 February 2021 the European Court of Human Rights communicated a rare application concerning a transgender person’s right to respect for family life with his foster children...

Groundbreaking Victory for Trans People in Bulgaria

Our legal consultant Natasha Dobreva won a case for recognizing the gender of a trans parent...

“My Right for Self-Determination Does Not Infringe Upon Anyone”

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled against Bulgaria for failing to recognize the gender reassignment of a transgender Bulgarian citizen without justification.