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Capital.bg About VentureOUT

The founder of Single Step Ivan Dimov and HR specialist Konstantin Kunev talk about the organisation's LGBT Corporate Index, which aims to rank businesses with good practices.

“#endHIVbg: Communities Make the Difference” Video Campaign Media Coverage

On December 1st, Single Step Foundation presented the video campaign "#endHIVbg: Communities Make the Difference". Check out the media coveragе.

Ivan Dimov Participated in “Don’t Get Offended, but …

Ivan Dimov with his message for the project "Don't Get Offended, but..."

Ivan Dimov Talked to “Licata na Grada”

Interview with Ivan Dimov for the online media "Faces of the City"

Ivan Dimov with Interview for “120 minutes” on bTV

After 25 years of working abroad, he decided to come back to Bulgaria with a very personal motive - to establish the non-profit Single Step.

BNR: Before We Let the Love In

Is hate speech changing? Which conversation does the media miss when covering Sofia Pride? What does the parade offer to our society and what does it say? A conversation with Mihailina Pavlova

Thomson Reuters Foundation With a Story on #endHIVbg

"When an LGBT+ charity wanted to do something about soaring rates of HIV among gay men in socially conservative Bulgaria, they turned to an unlikely ally - the dating app Grindr."

bTV Covers Our #endHIVbg Report

Zachary Barnett and Will Nutland told bTV about the new HIV prevention trends in the USA and UK, as well as about their own contribution. Momchil Baev presented the results of our #endHIVbg project.

TimeHeroes Presents Single Step

In Bulgaria, there are many organizations with important and socially significant activity, which history deserves to be heard. TimeHeroes' program BOOST presents our activity with a video.