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The Steps has been featured by the new platform Medical Space

Single Step Foundation's social enterprise The Steps is featured in Medical Space Portal's latest article on favourite learning spaces.

Politicians consider the LGBT issue too toxic. Nikoleta Gabrovska in front of Free Europe

On Saturday, a dozen nationalists attacked the Rainbow Center, which is a place for discussions by the LGBT community.

Conversation of Mihailina Pavlova with Nikoleta Gabrovska and Silvia Marinova in the “Network”

Nikoleta Gabrovska: "We can't think that the media are not influenced by political moods and modern political speech.

Ivan Dimov With an Interview for Forbes Magazine

Ivan Dimov - In a candid interview with Forbes magazine...

The Team of Single Step For The Homophobic Manifestations in Plovdiv

In a public park in the city of Plovdiv, a group of teenagers who had been organizing online for days harassed physical members of the LGBT community.

Report “Attitudes Towards LGBTI Students in Bulgarian Schools” Media Coverage

On March 6th, Single Step Foundation and Bilitis Resource Center Foundation presented the report "Attitudes towards LGBTI students in Bulgarian schools", which was written on the basis of a national survey conducted for the 2017/2018 school year. Check out the media coveragе.

Nikoleta Gabrovska With Interview For “The Network” on BNR

Nikoleta Gabrovska was a guest on BNR's "The Network" program with Mihailina Pavlova.

Anna Joukivskaia On BTV’s “Predi Obed”

Anna Joukivskaia was a guest on bTV's "Predi Obed" and discussed how social networks distort children's values.

“Boy Erased” Media Coverage

The national tour of "Boy erased" in the presence of the author - Garrard Conley, has achieved incredible success. Check out the media coverage of his tour in four Bulgarian cities.