HIV articles


„I love being gay and I love our achievements“

Today the legacy of Larry Kramer continues to live and will impact the generations after us.

We remember – We take action – We live beyond HIV

“I want to scream where was all this when my friends were dying!?”

The Communities At The Centre Of Our Care

Although people with HIV who are treated, have normal CD4 T-cell counts and suppressed viral load, may not be at increased risk of serious illness, many people with HIV have other conditions that increase their risk.

Sexual Health and HIV in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The number of people who contacted us about sexual communication in the context of epidemics and emergencies is increasing.

#endHIVbg: Communities Make the Difference

For many years, the diagnosis of HIV infection or AIDS was perceived as a severe sentence by patients since multiple and effective treatments were not available.

Protect Yourself Against the Flu Now!

The flu (influenza) is an infectious disease, typical for the cold and rainy season of the year. Everyone of us at some point in their life has met the flu virus , and has gone through the illness, the severity of which depends on the defense mechanisms of each individual organism.

Momchil Baev Spoke at the International HIV Conference in Mexico

“We have the science and technology we need to address the epidemic, and it’s time to eliminate stigma and discrimination to reach all people,” Momchil Baev said at the International IAS conference at Mexico City.

We Launched Our #endHIVbg Report

As part of our successful #endHIVbg initiative, we hosted an international conference in Sofia on May 31, 2019, entitled: “Reaching 90-90-90 in Bulgaria: Reality Check and New Perspectives”.

Successful Completion of Our Pilot Campaign #endHIVbg!

Single Step, together with our partners Grindr for Equality, National Patients Organization and Sexwell, and with the financial support of Gilead and GSK, completed the initiative #endHIVbg.