GenerationArt: Rositsa Trayanova

"At the beginning of every idea there is a personal moment, a special feeling of a still shot, in which the concept most clearly says its word, not me, it. "

GenerationArt: Atanas Bukovinov

Introducing Atanas Bukovinov, an artist who creates amazing stuff. Check him out!

GenerationArt: Vasil Vasilev

Introducing Vasil Vasilev, an artist who creates another world with his hands. Check him out!

GenerationArt: Kaya Kolishka

Introducing Kaya Kolishka, an artist who creates wonders with her hands. Check them out!

GenerationArt: Maria Sufieva

Maria is an artist, illustrator, and tattoo artist. We fell in love with her colors, shapes, and ideas. You should check them out, too!

GenerationArt: Iva Todorova

Iva is 18-year-old from Sofia. She studies architecture and has been involved with music since she was 5-year-old. She has also been playing the guitar from 7 years now.

GenerationArt: Svilen Georgiev

Svilen has been doing make-up and body art for two years now and he wishes to turn his hobby into his profession.