We Presented CampOUT: Identity and Persona in Plovdiv

On November 11, in Sofia, аt PLOVEDIV Gallery Single Step presented the exhibition CampOUT: Identity and Person

We Presented CampOUT: Identity and Persona

On October 17, in Sofia, аt One Gallery Single Step presented the exhibition CampOUT: Identity and Person

Welcome to CampOUT: Identity & Persona

The exhibition collects photographs, video visualizations with impressive choreography and art collages, created entirely during the week-long art workshop for young LGBTI artists from around the country.

Lucy Diakovska and Preya – CampOUT Music Mentors

Lucy Diakovska and Preyah are music celebrities that don't need special announcement in Bulgaria - they are known for their music, voices, and style, and can't wait to create with our CampOUT participants.

Kosta Karakashyan – Part of CampOUT

Kosta is a Bulgarian-Armenian director, born in Plovdiv. He is also a choreographer, performer, and writer. He is only 24 but is already getting attention in the international dance industry with his talent.

Ivan Ginchev and Antoniya Yordanova – Mentors, Part of CampOut

Ivan Ginchev and Antoniya Yordanova are fashion designers with unique personal style, bold artistic decision, and awards for their work.

Kostadin Krustev – Koko – part of CampOUT

Konstantin Krastev - Koko is one of the most well-known fashion photographers and filmmakers in Bulgaria. Some of the most famous Bulgarian stars have posed for his camera - musicians, singers, actors, politicians, and athletes.

The First Two CampOUT Mentors

Jonathan Rosen and Thomas Joseph Smith are US visual artists, awarded for their work, with personal exhibitions and recognizable through their specific modernistic and expressive style.

Come with us to CampOUT

Many young LGBTI artists in Bulgaria from towns large and small, would like to grow professionally, create and be themselves. Especially for them, we decided to launch our first annual CampOUT - a five-day artistic workshop...