We Presented CampOUT: Identity and Persona

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At One Gallery Single Step presented the exhibition CampOUT: Identity and Persona

The participants in the first artistic LGBT workshop gathered their works in an exhibition. Beautiful portraits and landscapes, a fashion portfolio, original video installations, and numerous collages were among the pieces that visitors to the exhibition were able to see between 10/17 and 10/25/2019.

The opening took place on October 17, and the first song in the genre "Music" - by Yassen Nedelchev - was performed. The audience was able to touch the world of some young people making the first steps in the art world. Guests were able to talk to young artists who were very happy to be able to show off everything they created during CampOUT to friends, partners, and associates.

Although the exhibition at One Gallery is over, all the works will be shown once again in the city of Plovdiv.

More information coming soon!

Participants in the Visual Arts genre were: Gergana Karatoteva, Chris Chalakov and Svilen Georgiev; in the genre Music - Yasen Nedelchev and A.; in the Dance genre - Kaloyan Milanov and Teo Dinev; in the genre Fashion - Anna-Maria Markovska; in the Photography genre - Peter Angelov, Gabriela Ilieva and Evgeni Kirilov.