Ivan Ginchev and Antoniya Yordanova – Mentors, Part of CampOut

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Ivan Ginchev is a fashion designer, based in Sofia. In 2016 he graduated Fashion, with Master's degree from the National Academy of Arts in the class of Prof. Mariela Gemisheva.

The main approach in the work of Ivan is the synthesis between fashion design and art. In his work, he is experimenting with the tools of contemporary art - action, performance, installation, and video, both as inspirational material and as a means of expression.

Concept fashion project: Non-material Collection, by Ivan Ginchev
video: Lora Parmakova

His fashion installations are displayed in exhibitions at the National Academy of Arts, the Red House Center for Culture and Debate, and his collections are presented at Sofia Fashion Week, Balkan Fashion Week and others.

He is chief designer for Desizo Monni - international fashion brand, which in 2019 was awarded the Fashion Academy Golden Needle Award in the Best Fashion Brand category.

Antoniya graduated the School for Applied Arts "St. Luca " in Sofia and has worked for a number of fashion and lifestyle magazines. She has been the stylist for celebrities on and off the screen, and for six years has been the designer of one of Bulgaria's best fashion brands.

She is also the stylist advisor of bTV's morning talk show, in which she shares valuable style tips.

Antoniya is a person of contrasts and likes to create clothes with character. In her opinion, fashion means art and emotion, and one's appearance is one's business card.

She graduated from the School of Applied Arts, then the Academy of Arts in Sofia; she is the designer of her own fashion brand "Knapp", she is winner of the Fashion Academy Golden Needle for young designer, and in 2018 for fashion house; she is "Woman of the Year" of Grazia Magazine.